archies lounge 


Free Range, Local and Fresh.

Whole food served to satisfy. Leave your dainty forks at home and get your incisors acquainted with Archie's Burgers, Fried Chicken, rustic pizzas and Tapas menu. Spray free, free range and local. Swing on by and check our blackboards to see the origins of our produce.

 public bar 



Log off from the world for a while and live life on Archies time. Where the craft beer flows freely and inboxes are where the wine lives. Our faves from local wineries Gippsland Wine Co and Dirty 3 wines are all on your to do list. Sample some fine beverages from local legends - Loch Brewery & Distillery, with ales, gin and vodka on offer or try the new brews from Phillip Island - Ocean Reach

 the garden 

be merry...

Archies garden; just like a town square, without the middle ages aristocracy. Whether you're a town noob or seasoned local, get yourself out the back and under a tree for Archie's live music Sundays. If you cross paths with canine resident Bono, a scratch behind the ear will secure you a friend for life.

"Now I'm sitting here, sipping at my ice cold beer, lazing on a sunny afternoon."

The Kinks